I'm glad you liked my friends.

Murat biked 30 km to the store to buy strawberries for his pregnant wife.

When will you go on a journey?

Juan is not good at reading maps.


I am not your daughter.

His house is easy to find.

Kyung and I bought our plane tickets three months in advance.

Sugih didn't look sick.

Walk more slowly.


It's too late to change your mind now.

I love you more deeply than I can say.

This diary belonged to the girl who lived in besieged Leningrad.

They gave us a hearty welcome when we arrived.

Let's call it a night, shall we?

Andrew has been in Boston, hasn't he?

No one noticed that Pia wasn't at the party.

Music is the soul of geometry.

Beauty fades.


He kept his hat on.


You will have to go to England next year.

Shamim said he was ready to do whatever was necessary.

His heart is filled with sorrow.

I'll see you at the airport.

You look like you're freezing.

I love sucking the marrow from the bones; it's even better than the meat on the bones.

He say he is a PhD., but actually he is a DSc.

We're in the middle of negotiations.

Your bath is ready.

When was the last time you tidied your room?

You may not be able to find sentences that have been added recently because they have not been indexed yet. Indexation of sentences is not yet executed on-the-fly, only every week.


You've got it made.


Thanks, Sherlock.


I don't trust that guy.


Some Germans work for only one euro an hour.

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He's very fastidious when it comes to booking trips.

It's too soon.

We helped Chris once.

You know I'm married.

Konrad sat impatiently.

Who gave them all that money?

The teacher distributed the handouts to the students.

A cat can see in the dark.

I don't know why Agatha had to go back to Boston.

It's not very fun.

We know you lied about Ramanan.

There is a rumor that she got married.

Alan wishes he had a bigger car.

Susumu drank the shot of tequila down in one gulp.

He is erratic.

Tickets are free online at example.com.

I remember seeing him somewhere.

We don't have a lot in common.

Warren died half a year later.


He is a hero.

I want to buy food.

Ice is cool.


Is the window open?

What's wrong, honey?

Excuse me, can I join you?

Well, here we are at last!

Which way is the elevator?

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I thought I heard voices.

The battle doesn't seem to be nearing an end.

Dawn has a bad disposition.

I can't believe she did that.

I just don't agree with Elliott.

I need to come home.

Ramanan has nothing on his mind but his model train set.

Sanand was surprised that Dale already knew about what happened.

Money cannot buy happiness.

I used to use Twitter, but then found it a bit boring, so I stopped using it.

I would rather not go shopping alone.


Banks will try to lend you an umbrella on a sunny day, but they will turn their backs on a rainy day.

I won't tell a soul.

I am blessed with good health.

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American films are popular around the world.


Is there any app for that?


Lots of children in industrialised countries are too fat because they eat too much candy.


I'm not here to hurt you.


She's not half attractive.

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Have you heard the rumor about Ram?

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The teacher has a loud, clear voice.

The ship will set sail at noon.

I know for certain that Manuel is seriously ill.

I thought we were going to crash.

We've never talked about that.


She would make a perfect wife.

Clarissa trained very hard.

My dog follows me whenever I leave the room.

We're methodical.

This man is dead.

It was a stupid idea.

Have you been in contact with one of your old school friends recently?

It is sad that he has been sick for such a long time.

I knew you'd like that restaurant.

I wish I hadn't gotten married so young.

He has a girlfriend but he still flirts with me.

My sister works at the United States Embassy in London.

Is this bread's best-by OK?

I have no control over what happens.

Prakash hung the picture on the wall.

They felt weary after their hard work.

William can't stop it.

It's a catchy song.

The college song reminds me of the good old days.

You put in too much sugar.

She has achieved her goals.

Hey, listen to me.

They drank a bottle of red wine at dinner.

I'm as old as he is.

It will be a long night.

Well, stranger things have happened.

There are many scenic places in Xinjiang.

I'm looking for a place to work out.

Say hello.

In many ways, animals can do things better than people can.

I think there is more to this.

Can you open this for me?

Arnold is the only one here who can play the guitar.

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Are you eating the cheesecake without me?

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Our money is gone.


You can blame that on me.


I am of the opinion that he is right.

My children rarely go outside.

Robert should do what Jim suggested.

Leave Clayton's things alone.

Are you planning on buying a new computer?

Do you have any more great ideas?

This explanation sounds confusing.

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Hubert doesn't listen to advice.

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I went to that party.

Delete that picture.

Everyone went crazy.


Ha-ha ... She isn't human. She's a robot; A-n-d-r-o-i-d.


My father has been in hospital for two months.

These lights are beautiful!

Kinch thought what Shadow said was stupid.

Fill the glass to the brim.

You too, my son.

It was sink or swim with me.

Charles put his hat on the table.

The best thing on translation was said by Cervantes: translation is the other side of a tapestry.

Ahmed is always looking at you.

This medicine is known for its miraculous healing powers.

I've used up three notebooks.


Could you be more careful?

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He is putting on weight.

There's a cat in the back alley.

Where are the wolves?


This tree is approximately three hundred years old.

I've already spoken with her.

The taxi drew up to me.

He's about to leave.

Paola had a previous engagement.

You were manipulating me.

Peace is of great importance.

Lorenzo said he didn't know how to play tennis.

The film received favourable criticism.


The wind is blowing hard.

I've got important business.

On one hand he is kind, but on the other hand he is lazy.

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I had never seen so much money.

This is the first time I've ever hung out washing in the balcony.

These are my favorite pair of shoes.

Sho had injuries consistent with a severe beating.

In life, you gain and lose things, but also can't force things to happen.